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Parliamentary committee to probe hunter school closures in India

Parliamentary committee to probe hunter school closures in India


New Delhi, India — In response to recent actions by Indian hunters, the National Hunter Education and Research Organisation (NHEORO) has invited the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Lok Sabha (ML) to probe the activities of hunting schools in the country and whether hunting schools are effectively responsible for the reduction of wild animal populations.

The NHEORO submitted its initial report on December 30 to Lok Sabha Standing Committee on Wildlife Affairs, to be published soon. A draft of the report has also been prepared for the Committee and a copy of it will be sent to both the governments, Lok Sabha Secretary for Natural Resources Rishi Narayanan told The Hindu Tuesday.

According to Mr. Narayanan, hunting schools may be responsible for the closure of over 50 hunting school across the country. NHEORO’s initial report has also referred to cases of over two lakh people being culled as a result of hunting schools closing in India, even though hunters claim that hunting is not associated with any environmental degradation at such schools, which have been called « de-wilding centres » by the governments of 우리카지노India and Britain.

« While hunting is a big concern for many, many are not aware of the negative impacts of such schools, which take place at a time when more than half of India’s wild animals are being decimated, » Mr. Narayanan said.

Mr. Narayanan further pointed out that, at present, the conservation of wild animals like bears, wolves and tigers, which are « necessary for survival in modern society », is being driven mainly by hunting schools. « At the same time, this has led to increased poaching of tigers and wolves which are necessary for the survival of the species. These are big issues in the national discourse, » Mr. Narayanan said.

« NHEORO’s report highlights several issues and the fact that there is no regulatory framework for hunting or protecting endangered species, hunting schools, culling of el바카라사이트ephants, poaching of elephants or wild animals. The nature of hunting schools does not justify taking their law into account, » Mr. Narayanan said.

NHEORO also highlighted that, even though most Indian officials believe that hunting schools are바카라사이트 effective at controlling animal populations, some cases prove otherwise. « Wild animal deaths in Indian hunting camps have often been attributed to mismanagement or even by the hunters to their own negligence, » Mr. Narayanan said.

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