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Roadworks see ancient tree chopped down

Roadworks see ancient tree chopped down

At a time when tree trimmings are popping up everywhere, the tree-trimming industry is struggling to survive on its own.

The tree-trimming business has a long road ahead of it.

But for former tree-trimmer Jackie Van Aerken, it started when she decided t바카라o take care of an old tree. She began by buying a « small » piece, cut to the size she needed and using it to trim the rest of the tree down to an eight-inch width.

« At the time I was looking for something I could throw in a drawer for a few dollars, » she said. « But my husband said, ‘I’ve got lots of stuff. Give me the $40 I can afford and I’ll give you the tree.' »

The two got married and Jackie continued trimming the tree for several years. But her husband asked for something bigger, so in 2001 she purchased an eight-feet-tall pine tree with a 7,500-pound trunk. In February, she began chopping the tree down for its $40 valnatyasastra.comue.

Since then, she’s cut and trimmed hundreds of trees for $300 each and plans on buying a large, 12-foot-tall oak this year.

Jackie Van Aerken

Her husband, Steve, grew up near Cedar Rapids in Minnesota and was trained in trimming trees and even moved to the U.S. as a child to work in the lumber business. So when Steve learned that Van Aerken could cut and trim trees from anywhere, he jumped at the chance to do some of his own.

He bought the tree for $50 and was surprised when when she picked it up, she had only one side intact.

« I came ounatyasastra.comt with, ‘Holy sh–, this is big’, » he recalls. « And I went over, she has no head! … We were like, ‘How could you do this?’ But we had to do it. »

He gave his wife five to 10 months to cut it down, which meant she had to work overtime as it made its way to his shop for trimming.

« You start out, ‘I’m going to rip off one of these for every 10 to 15 trees, »‘ Steve said. « My wife was like, ‘No, I’m doing it. This is worth it!' »

When Steve returned to Cedar Rapids in 2006, he was ecstatic when he found out i

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